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Laboratory Utilities

Like laboratory fume hoods help eliminate toxic gases, safety showers are also helpful if a chemical accidentally spills into your eyes or on your face while experimenting. Check out more about safety shower and eyewash below.

Safety Shower And Eyewash Manufacturer

Safety Shower

Our selection of safety showers is perfect for industry and businesses. With various styles and sizes to choose from, we have the ideal shower for your needs.


Upgrade your workspace with top-notch sink installations from MN Sons Labs, offering tailored solutions for laboratories and manufacturing plants.


Install a durable and reliable eyewash facility at your manufacturing plant. Contact MN Sons Labs for detailed information about installing one at your company

Electrical Socket

For safety and convenience, rely on MN Sons Labs for durable electrical sockets meeting industry standards, ensuring functionality for diverse applications in your facility. Contact us today!

Pag Board

Efficiently organize tools with durable pegboard solutions from MN Sons Labs, catering to industrial, commercial, and laboratory needs. Boost productivity with our versatile systems.

Three Way Water Tap

MN Sons Labs offers premium three-way water taps for versatile water management in modern workplaces. Contact us to explore options.

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