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fume hood vs laminar flow hood

A Complete Synopsis for Fume Hood vs Laminar Flow Hood

Ironically, in this 20th century; the digital world and science fiction are becoming quite complex with the conceptual use of modern- neural technologies like AI( Artificial Intelligence) and ML( Machine Learning). Hence; based on experiments, tests, research, methodology, and empiricism theories and observations play a critical role in the capital; of critical areas. Therefore; in this blog let me introduce you to some essential laboratory settings and controlled environment work- -stations and bring out some key considerations for Fume hood vs Laminar flow hood furniture. It is extremely important to understand what kind of science and research laboratory types of furniture is important to withstand the efficiency of your laboratory experiments. Without this scientists would not be able to measure or conduct accurate postulate theories, observations, and tangible scientific knowledge.

Nowadays; with contemporary Educational settings and medical environments, movable- electrical, and mobile- furniture solutions have gained a lot of popularity. For a bespoke and versatile system, smart furniture solutions play an important role in trespass disciples like education, pharmaceutical, health, and research industries.

Hence; in this article let me also scrabble about What’s the Difference Between a Fume hood and a Laminar flow hood and understand the ideal design and usage of a Fume hood and a Laminar Flow hood.

Additionally; to understand the degree of accuracy of the experimental results, the purpose of selecting the right modernistic and sophisticated laboratory furniture becomes the backbone of scientific research and investigation. MN Sons Lab Solution; a smart leading lab furniture manufacturer based out in India’s richest princely state Gujarat has been formerly known for its Scientific lab for more than 15 years. The in-house modern infrastructure and manufacturing facility in the Vadodara plant provides various kinds of customized laboratory furniture designed to the needs and specifications based on the standards of SEFA( Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association), ASHRAE-10 and EN 14175:2003 guidelines. 

Laboratory Fume Hoods or Laminar Flow Hoods

For medical accomplishments hypotheses, observations, discoveries, investigation models, and descriptive research lead to empirical data and relevant scientific case- studies. Laboratory hoods are one of the most suitable and ideal choices for exhaust ventilation systems and bio-safety multi-purpose cabinets in labs; having respective uses and distinctive functions. The hood laboratory furniture is typically designed for lab safety and the surrounding environment. Moreover; the substances used in the construction are resistant to chemicals, rust, and hazardous fumes and pathogens. Both these hood laboratory workstations are engineering control that works on somewhat the same principles and aim to reduce hazardous vapors, dangerous air pollutants, and inhabitants.

Hence; to invent smart solutions and comprehensive facts for the real world; please understand the standpoint of Laboratory Fume Hoods or Laminar Flow Hoods to increase overall productivity. Ultimately both hood types of furniture play a critical role in filtration and re-circulation along with the prevention of grease-vulnerable moisture lander vapours. Both these laboratory tools are pivotal pieces of equipment for air quality control and contamination control respectively ensuring safety during the experiment tests and scientific endeavors. 

In conjunction with the durability and minimizing the risk of pollution toxins, one should make a perfect selection between Laboratory Fume Hoods and Laminar Flow Hoods. Hence; I would also request you to cogitate on the science laboratory dimension and size, cost of installation, and ductless technology along with accessories and fixtures according to your needs.

Cognitive clinical research results in a carbon footprint of peer-reviewed observations, logical hypotheses supported by evidence, and proven outcomes.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

There are so many researches and tests going on in the laboratory. Moreover; whether it is classroom laboratory furniture or any other lab project; lab safety features play a vital role in research activities and improving productivity. Hence; safety shields with modular designs are an appropriate working station.

Fume Hood Description- This is an enclosed hood that works on the principle of exhaust ventilation with a durable and dynamic centrifugal blower to prevent the dispersion of hazardous containments, substances, and air- pollutants. Depending on the experiment size exhaust hoods, canopy chambers, fume cupboards, bio-safety purpose cabinets, duct fume hoods, etc are categorized under Laboratory Fume Hoods. Basically; a fume hood is a large duct box that has an exhaust fan on the top of any lab operational table. The lab fumes include the laboratory table ( C- Frame or H- Frame), the enclosed, and the ventilation system. The suction system includes the air pump and air duct mounted on the top for filtration.

Its Advantages- A high-quality lab fume hood is one of the essential pieces of electrical appliances specially designed to maintain safety standards. There is a light inside the cabinet. Furthermore; its tribulatory function is to act as a barrier for prolonged exposure to chemical- spills and reactions emerging inside the chambers. The fume hood also ensures the suitable suction and wind speed for potentially volatile compounds and substances for being extracted and vented away. As the exhaust is running; the electrical appliances suck the dangerous air pollutants and chemical particles to protect the lab workers from inhaling. 

Moreover; there is a wide range of comprehensive Laboratory Fume Hoods types of equipment for laboratories to ensure the user’s protection and provide a clean working environment.

Laminar Flow Hoods

It is not necessary that only dangerous fumes and gases can risk our health; however, some chemicals can be irritants leading to asphyxiation. Therefore; it becomes necessary to protect ourselves from other gas pollutants and chemical substances. Though fume hoods and Laminar hoods work on the same principle; however, you should not get confused by Fume hoods as these Laminar flow types of equipment are not bio-safety cabinets. Conversely; Laminar Flow Hoods cabinets are among those electrical types of equipment that work on HEPA Filters to provide a sterile environment.

Laminar hood Description- LFH is generally a tissue-culture enclosed laboratory bench workstation to separate sensitive air-borne contaminants inside the cabinet where you are functioning. It works with tissue culture and electronic wafers to provide a smooth and sterile work- environment. The laminar hoods have UV-C germicidal sterilization lamp that causes the development of double-bonded pyrimidine dimers to inactive the waterborne pathogens and other potential fungus protozoa. These cabinets come in two different types vertical and horizontal depending on the velocity and the direction of airflow sensors. The filter is mounted on the back in Horizontal laminar whereas; the filter is mounted on the ceiling top in vertical laminar. Moreover; it is constructed with stainless steel to ensure non-corrosion properties and provides you with a controlled clean dust- dust-free environment.

Its advantageThe concept of a laminar hood depends on the airflow facilitated by HEPA- High-Efficiency Particulate Air and ULPA- Ultra- Low Penetration Air filters by streamlining the air flow both in a uniform or unidirectional manner. The interior surface of the enclosed grid where sterile procedures are performed is designed with stainless steel to prevent corrosion and easy cleaning. They are used in a wide range of workstations to provide a particulate-free environment within the work- area. Please note that these laminar hoods do not protect the users; however, they ensure a sterile work surface to maintain the cleanliness level. Laminar hoods often consist of filter pads and a fan to reduce potential turbulence and continuous air- exchange. The laminar hood describes the continuous movement of the fluid particles in parallel layers; however, within each layer of the fluid, properties such as velocity and pressure can be considered relatively uniform. 

What’s the Difference?

Scientific research is an integrated field and lab safety and regulation with breakthroughs and discoveries is one of the overstated considerations. It is not just about furniture aesthetics; however, the Ergonomics environment is indispensable in laboratory operations and scientific research. As we already mentioned above the Laminar Hood is not a bio-safety cabinet; it is basically for the environment on the contrary Fume Hoods are basically for the lab workers and users preventing them from inhaling poisonous substances. 

Hence; with a profound understanding of laboratory Laminar and Fume Flow Hoods, and built-in spill containment; let us also dive into the important difference between the two furniture. 

    Laboratory Fume Hoods

    Laminar Flow Hoods

Fume Hoods are used for ventilation exposures

Laminar Hoods are used for microbiological work

They have transparent shields to remove air-borne hazardous pollutant substances like Particulate matter, Hydrogen chloride, Benzene, etc.

They use HEPA( High- High-efficiency particulate Air) Filters in a laminar pattern to create a sterile airflow.

They are used for toxic and volatile chemical substances 

and particularly for sensitive environments. 

They are actively working on the principle of the exhaust system that exhausts dangerous gasses and substances away from the workspace.

This is an enclosed workbench with a controlled environment for handling delicate items. 

Used for septic conditions

Used for aseptic conditions


The article has already explored the complete guide view of different types of science laboratory furniture amenities; however; it is unequivocally true that with the growing demand for Education and research and the competitive landscapes, there has been magnificent growth in laboratory furniture manufacturers. Therefore, selecting the right, well-equipped laboratory furniture manufacturers becomes critical in providing the right platforms for experiments and research tests. 

Considering the facts; MN Sons Lab Solutions offers the best pieces of science and research lab types of furniture from comprehensive lab-seating stools to various adjustable work spaces based on the changing needs. The esteemed manufacturing company specializes in durability and high-quality ISO 9001:2015 certified Laminar and Fume Hood laboratory furniture electrical appliances. Hence; choose the finest leading laboratory furniture based out at Vadodara; Gujarat and visit them at soon for a productive laboratory environment.

Trust the leader with 15 years of advanced laboratory technological products and services.

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