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Walk-In fume hoodb

Floor Mounted Fume Hood

As it states this model of fume hood is a floor mounted fume chamber which allows technicians to walk inside the fume hood setup the experiment and walk out, thus the name walk-in fume hood. This type of fume hood is usually used in pilot plant which requires customised size of fume chamber depending upon the equipment’s

Technical Specifications of bench top

fume hood.
Fume hood length: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
Fume hood width: 1050mm
Fume hood height: 2250mm
Material of Construction: Galvanized Iron

Although, we have a standard size range of walk-in fume hood, we do make customized fume hood for the client’s specific requirement.


  • Electrical sockets: 6/16 AMP, 20 AMP, Industrial Sockets, BCH Metal Clad socket.
  • LED Tube light
  • Utility valve and their nozzle
  • Airfoil,
  • Grid structure for holding apparatus
  • Air-flow monitor
  • Worktop: Black granite, Trespa top
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